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- Sex Therapy
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Cambridge COunseling Associates

Procedures for Appointment

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​We can best answer your questions and arrange for an interview, at no charge, to familiarize you with our service and procedures. An informational meeting will give you the opportunity to arrange for a psychologist who can best serve your particular needs.

Specific Issues:


Adolescents and Teenagers
Adolescence is a period of transition that can also introduce challenging problems and significant stress for teens (resulting from low self-esteem and peer pressure) that understandably concerns parents.  Some young people retreat, internalizing their struggles; while others act out, in their effort to fit in, developing problems with relationships and substance abuse.  CCA works with teens to design a plan consistent with their needs and goals to overcome young adult hurdles and help them to claim their voice. 

Adult Adjustments and Stress Management
​A large part of our practice includes adults adjusting to the challenges of adult life in their efforts to balance advanced studies, relationships and family life, and work.  Balancing personal and professional life challenges each of us and often requires clarification and management of realistic goals in view of resources and expectations.  Problems pertaining to stress in current life often veils unresolved issues from early development that need to be addressed to enable you to fully embrace your opportunities.

Trauma and Abuse
Trauma can occur from various forces that create either bodily and emotional damage.  At CCA, we assess the impact of dangerous experiences that create trauma, working to terminate active threats through establishing safety measures and stabilize your security so that you may heal from earlier threats and work through find resolution from the damaging source.

Treatment of Anxiety and Depression

Struggles with anxiety and depression are common in modern society; however, given the complexity and variation of anxiety and depression proper management requires a tailored intervention to meet your needs.  We approach these concerns from a holistic perspective, to assessing the range of multiple dynamics affecting of your life.  Our staff is well trained to determine an optimal approach in therapy, drawing upon an integrative program that helps you achieve your goals.

Mood and Personality Disorders

At Cambridge Counseling Associates, we treat a range of mood disorders and personality problems (including major depression, cyclothymic, bipolar, seasonal-affective disorder and avoidant, obsessive-compulsive, borderline antisocial, narcissistic problems) using psychodynamic, integrative, and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and medications as needed.  When left untreated such patterns can impose significant limitations on your life; we will show you how to manage and work through traits and symptoms of these difficulties.


We pride ourselves in a tradition of decades of experience in helping families best address their difficulties through counseling in specifically focused modalities:

Couples Counseling:  Premarital and Marital Therapy

Deepening your marital relationship can present unknown challenges—and many couples often need support to effectively working through their personal history to forge a meaningful and lasting relationship.  The Cambridge Counseling staff uses multiple interventions to help you better understand yourself and your partner and communicating loving and productively.

Marital Infidelity

Infidelity sends a shock and trauma to a relationship that often destroys both marital trust and the dreams of a life-long loving marriage.  Those who have broken trust with their spouse, as well as those who have made this devastating discovery of infidelity of their spouse can gain the needed help to place this violation in perspective and avoid further life-altering errors.  Our staff is highly trained in these sensitive and complicated areas to provide you with necessary guidance and support to make sense of infidelity and gain perspective for moving forward.

Separation, Divorce and Mediation Therapy

Sometimes couples determine that their relationship has run its course.  To avoid the agony and pain of struggling in a marriage that does not seem salvageable, it is important to take appropriate steps out of a marriage.  The Cambridge Counseling staff works with couples to assess the health and potential

Family Therapy

Cambridge Counseling Associates help family members respect and appreciate the strengths and contributions of family members and effectively negotiate and meaningful relationships.  By communicating supportively and responding to the various needs, family members learn how to place their energy into team-building rather than depleting invaluable time and opportunities by actions that fuel anger, negativity, and destructiveness.

Sex Therapy

Sexuality is a basic need of each human being yet it remains deeply personal and complex—contrary to the impressions in our modern day culture of sexualization and sexploitation.  Understanding and managing fulfilling sexuality in our relationships is the goal of sex therapy.  Sex therapy treats specific dysfunctions in a relationship as well as a range of personal problems related to sexuality.  Staff members at C.C.A. are expertly trained to assist you with sexual concerns.

Divorce, Parenting Programs, and Step Parent Families
Kids often feel in the middle when parents struggle with their relationship or pursue divorce and become alienated or turn away from their homes.  Tuning into the feelings and needs of kids is often lost for parents by the legal demands of marital breakups and the emotional changes that occur in the course of separation and new family structures.  Cambridge Counseling helps parents to work through their marital decisions and address the needs to help children with new family adjustments. Click here for more information.